All the news that’s fit for Bulls – Feb. 21 edition

More studies out there seem to be saying the same thing to us, ladies: don’t get your hopes up.  The prevalence of unwed mothers and loser men, in today’s roundup:

Sorry ladies, your pool of eligible men is getting smaller and smaller.

1 Mom + 2 kids – Husband= Family

Rutgers suicide trial begins today.

Distinguishing a naked prostitute from any other naked woman is apparently difficult. Dominique Strauss-Kahn in questioning over prostitution ring.

Remember that Mexican prison riot? Turns out it was a cartel escape plan.

Baby daddy: Did Hitler have a secret son?

WTF: finally, a novelty sticker we can get behind.

Crying baby? No pizza for you: Georgia restaurant bans noisy kids.

Disgraced journalist makes obvious career move: Life coach.

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