Video: USF student becomes Internet sensation

USF student Eric Webb attended the Gator game this past Saturday with his girlfriend. Within two days, he was all over the Internet.

His menacing stare was deemed “spooky”  and “creepy.”

Webb is a junior majoring in management information sciences. This is his first semester at USF. He transferred to USF after attending the College of Central Florida in Ocala.

He’s appeared on Deadspin, Buzzfeed and Tosh’s blog. There’s even a video that paralleled Webb with another staring sports fan.

When you read the comments to these pages, you’ll see quite a few people claiming he was undoubtedly high.

“I was perfectly sober,” Webb said in an interview with the Digital Bullpen.

So why the unblinking look?

“I wanted to do something completely different from the rest of the crowd to get on tv. It worked!”

Webb also said it’s not a facial he makes often.

“I’d like to think I look a bit more friendly than that.”

In reaction to the sudden Internet fame, Webb said, “It’s pretty overwhelming. I’ve seen the video so many times that I’m starting to creep myself out. I’m not an evil person!”

Here’s the video:

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