Audio: Spoken word finds its voice in Tampa Bay

Part 1:Angelique “Giddy” Perez — The Innovator
Barber by day, spoken word poet and beat boxer by night, Angelique “Giddy” Perez is an innovator who melds music with her poetry to create an unforgettable experience. As the leader of the Misfits, a spoken word team in Tampa Bay, Perez is focused on building the local community and promoting up-and-coming artists. Perez hosts a monthly variety show at the Pachyderm Wing Company near the University of Tampa in order to expose new talent and support the Misfits. All proceeds for these events go toward helping the Misfits travel to the Southern Fried spoken word competition.
Part 2: Tiffany “Slam” Anderson — The Activist
Slam Anderson considers herself to be an activist poet. Performing about domestic violence, the HIV/AIDS epidemic and other social issues, her goal is to open people’s eyes to the world around them. As president of The Poets @ USF and former member of the Misfits Slam Team, she hopes to create a safe, uncensored environment where students can express themselves.
Part 3: Walter “Wally B.” Jennings — The Guardian
Walter Jennings is using the art of poetry to help the next generation. As founder of Heard ‘em Say Teen Poetry, he develops young poets and finds them opportunities to grow and lead their peers. He strives to develop poets who write and perform with integrity and ethics and doesn’t allow them to swear or use vulgarity in their work. After leading his team to the international spoken word festival Brave New Voices, which is televised annually on HBO, for four consecutive years, he strives to teach the poets that there is more value in learning from one another than getting high scores in slam competitions.
Part 4: Nia Scott — The Prodigy
Nia Scott is a spoken word poet and captain of Heard ‘em Say Teen Poets. Having competed with five teams in the past three years, Scott could be considered something of a veteran. At only 17-years-old, she’s discovered more about the art of slam and about the world than most her age. Scott now hosts some segments of Heard ‘em Say Teen Poetry shows. The introspective artist has grown from being a poet who cared only about winning, to one who lives by the well-known phrase, “The point is not the points. The point is the poetry.”

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