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The Video Game Club goes to PAX

Unsatisfied with what Florida has to offer, the USF Video Game Club set their sights on Boston and PAX East 2012.

“This is the first time I’ve been able to go to PAX,” said Perry Fisher, a member of the club. “It’s the only big video game convention that isn’t just for the press.”

PAX East is the East Coast and spring version of the Penny Arcade Expo, with the West Coast and original, PAX Prime, taking place in Seattle, Washington in the fall of each year. The Penny Arcade Expo is the largest consumer video game convention in the United States.

The club’s trip to Boston was organized by the vice president at the time, now president Austin Ashby. They arrived in the city on the morning of April 5, the day before the convention began. That night they took part in the Pokécrawl, a bar crawl around Boston in which all the participants were split into two teams, red or blue, and had to order Pokémon themed drinks from the various bars they went to.

“Exploring Boston and meeting new people were my favorite parts of the trip,” Ashby said.

Michael Guerin was looking forward to seeing all of the yet to be released games on the show floor. Once he got there, it was the indie games that captivated Guerin the most.

“To see these people who aren’t making a sh*tload of money on their games and are there because they really like their game and want to show it to their audience was awesome,” Guerin said.

Each member of the club that went had, what they described as, an amazing time and each of them are determined to go back next year, with Ashby looking to go to PAX Prime as well.

“Unless I’m poor and penniless in some gutter, I’m definitely going next year,” Guerin said.


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