All the news that’s fit for Bulls – April 18 edition

Love the smell of new Apple gadgets? Well that fragrant scent of glue, styrofoam and aluminum has now been bottled in the name of art. That story and more in today’s roundup:

Ahh, the scent of a new Apple product.

Romney Camp: Yeah, I strapped my dog to the roof of my car, but Obama ate dog meat!

Shareholders think $15 million payday for Citigroups CEO is ridiculous.

Pulitzer board crushes the hopes of fiction writers everywhere.

Ted Nugent: I’ll be dead or in jail if Obama wins.

Romney and Obama in dead heat. That’s good news for Mr. Nugent.

For some reason the people of Fucking, Australia, are thinking of changing their towns name.

Good Problem? People in China don’t seem to want to leave Starbucks.

CIA agents party with prostitues on Obama trips.

Want to improve your city? There’s an app for that.

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