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The NAACP Participates in Fight Back Floida

On March 25th the USF student chapter of the NAACP joined a large variety of people and organizations from the city of Tampa in Fight Back Florida.

This rally hosted by Awake the State Tampa and a coalition of labor unions, citizen groups, and students who want to protect our state’s jobs and public education. This rally was against Rick Scott and Florida Legislators’ attack on students, public employees and working families.

It was held outside of Representative Dana Young’s office at 4:30 pm. The rally came together to fight against Governor Scott and legislative leaders’ proposed budget cuts that will cost tens of thousands of Floridians their jobs.

Leshaun Clayton, a junior at USF, said “This sucks because people homes are being taking away because the can’t afford to pay their mortgages. That’s why I support this cause.”

Many who attended thought the government should be taking steps to create jobs to combat Florida’s record unemployment instead of laying off people.

Many Florida citizens are less than amused with the governor’s decisions. The participants chanted continuously “Where are the jobs we were promised?” and waved resumes in their hands

Andre Peart was the most enthusiastic of all the participants. “This is an issue that more people should be aware of,” Peart said.

The NAACP was participating in the event by making picket signs and marching. They felt like this is an issue that needed to be addressed by activism.

This rally was just one in a series. The NAACP of USF wanted to raise that there are always other options when politicians say, “There is just no other way but to take this off the backs of the working and middle classes.” The NAACP of USF plans to participate in other rallies in the near future.


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