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USF’s Department of Criminology cancels job fair

TAMPA, FLA— The University of South Florida has decided to cancel this school years’ Department of Criminology job fair.

“The job fair was the first thing that got me into the criminology field,” said Cierra Long, who is currently a criminology major. “When I found out last year’s event was cancelled, I was shocked. I was trying to find an internship for personal experience and a résumé booster.”

Students attend colleges and universities for numerous reasons. The main one is job preparation. Without a college degree, finding a job in this market is almost impossible.

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, nationally only 27.5 percent of people over 25 have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher. Florida comes in just below the national average at 25.6 percent.

While having a college degree does not necessarily guarantee a job, it does separate you from the rest of the pack, which is crucial in a slumping economy.

Full-time undergraduate students at USF pay upwards of $20,000 annually. They believe that having a degree benefits them in the long run.

The networking tool in question is a career fair. For years the Department of Criminology has been putting on a career fair in the Sun Dome for its undergraduate and graduate students.  On several occasions, Florida State University has canceled its own career fair to take part in USF’s.

John Cochran, the associate dean for faculty affairs in the College of Arts and Sciences and a professor in the Department of Criminology, said the fair “was larger and more successful than the entire university puts on for all its students.”

“The dean of student affairs played a key role in cancelling last years and this year’s fair,” said Cochran. The dean of student affairs declined to comment.

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My name is Dominique Lewis. I am 22 years old. and a Senior at University of South Florida studying Public Relations. My likes include sports, music , and traveling. I am military brat, I lived in Germany for most of my life and cant wait to go back. I am also fluent in German. I can't wait to get my career started.


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