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5 things you don’t know about the SG presidential slates: Brian Goff and George Papadeas

Brian Goff and George Papadeas are among six sets of candidates running for student body president and vice president this week.

Starting Monday, students will cast ballots for the next student body president and vice president. Brian Goff, a junior majoring in biochemistry, and George Papadeas, a junior majoring in marketing, are one of the six sets of candidates.

The Digital Bullpen caught up with Goff and Papadeas last week to learn more about their campaign. Here are five things you may not know about them:

1. Goff and Papadeas are pledge brothers. They both rushed the Delta Chi Fraternity in the fall of 2011. They had met previously, but both agree that they really got to know each other once they joined Delta Chi.

“We had an instant connection,” Papedeas said. “We are brothers now… We have a great relationship.”

2. Papadeas was not Goff’s first choice as running mate. Goff decided to run for student body president in December, and though Papadeas joined his campaign, Goff already had a running mate. When Goff’s original running mate dropped out of the race, he chose Papadeas.

“We were both in awe over what we both wanted to run on,” Papadeas said.

3. Papadeas has no Student Government experience. Though Goff has been involved with SG since his freshman year and served as attorney general under current student body President Matt Diaz, Papadeas has never been involved with SG. Instead Papadeas has a “grassroots” or “personal connection with students,” according to Goff, as a resident assistant in Cypress Hall.

4. Goff thinks they are like “yin and yang.” The fact that Papadeas does not have SG experience does not concern Goff. He believes that Papadeas’ personal connection with students balances out his “student administration side” since he has already built relationships with administrators as attorney general. This is one of the reasons Goff chose to run with Papadeas.

5. Goff and Papadeas know how to run a catchy campaign. They took the three values they wanted to run on: fiscal responsibility, campus involvement and community outreach, and turned them into the slogan “ACT,” which stands for advocate, communicate and traditions.

“I had a vision of what I wanted to run on,” Goff said. Since last year’s TBM (total bull movement) campaign was catchy, Goff knew they needed something that would make them stick out. Though Goff claims not to be the creative one of the two, Papadeas emphasized that the slogan resulted from their collaboration.

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Junior at the University of South Florida. Mass Communications – Journalism Student. Aspiring writer and explorer.


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