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All the news that’s fit for Bulls — Friday, March 9

Funky Friday is here, and we’re all headed out for a week of spring break (shown above in vintage movie style), which, depending on whom you talk to is either a visit to the beach or eight straight days on the couch trying to beat the new release of Mass Effect 3. Today’s news roundup:

The Kony 2012 thing, of course, is not as simple as it seems at first. An excellent critique of the Invisible Children’s org.

Tampa Plant High grad and football recruit Orson Charles gets a Georgia dooey.

Via SaintPetersblog: “Newspapers have shed a greater percentage of jobs since 2007 than any other industry in the United States, according to data published today by LinkedIn.”

Yes, this is exactly how spring break used to be:

Mitt in the Deep South: “I’m learning to say ‘y’all’ and ‘I like grits.’ ”

St. Pete police get the doggie doo treatment.

McDonald’s fries coming off the dollar menu; reporter freaks out.

The European Chess Union’s new dress rules that will severely cut back on those women’s chess tourney downblouse shots.

USF men’s basketball loses to Notre Dame, is on the bubble for Selection Sunday and NCAA tourney.

Student Government elections start today

SG elections for president and vice president start today and run through Thursday. See Digital Bullpen coverage on each of the slates in the stories below, in our Featured Stories section.

Developing story: TB on campus alert sent to USF Tampa students, faculty

Just in and developing:

February 10, 2012

Dear USF Students:

Before you hear about it on the news, I want to give you a heads up that a presumed case of tuberculosis (TB) was recently uncovered on the USF Tampa campus. Under the direction and care of the Hillsborough County Health Department, as a precautionary measure, the student has been isolated, is being treated, and is no longer a health risk to others. Approximately 150 people have been identified as being potentially at risk of exposure and were already notified by the Health Department to come in for testing.

TB usually infects the lungs, but can affect other parts of the body, causing serious illness. The good news is that TB is less contagious than measles, mumps, chicken pox and influenza. It is spread when an infected person coughs, talks, sings, or sneezes untreated TB germs into the air. Persons who breathe in the germs can become infected—typically, only persons who have had very close, day-to-day contact with the infected person run the risk of contracting the disease. Even if a person is infected, the disease may never become active and make the person sick.

For more information about TB, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s

Additional information and updates will be posted on the university’s main website:

If you have questions about TB, call the USF Student Health Services nurse line at (813) 974-1797. Nurses will be available Friday, Feb. 10 – Friday, Feb. 17 from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., including Saturday and Sunday.

If you are still concerned and want to be TB tested, you can schedule an appointment at Student Health Services by calling (813) 424-2331. You will be charged for the test.

If there is any additional news or updates on the situation, I will be sure to let you know. And, remember, my door is always open for my students!


Kevin Banks

Dean for Students

Gun on campus: USF student arrested, charged with packing a piece in dorm room

We wonder if this arrest will reinvigorate the debate from last year’s legislative session about changing Florida law to allow guns on campus.

Here’s the arrest report.

Covering the Florida GOP president debate at USF — and playing the home version of GOP Debate Lingo Bingo

Digital Bullpen reporters are on campus tonight covering various aspects of the Republican debate. Watch for their coverage overnight and tomorrow. In the meantime, join us with the home version of GOP Debate Lingo Bingo. Download a sheet of bingo cards in .pdf format.

Two Days in the Life of USF: our journalism project begins today

Today the student journalists of the School of Mass Communications begin a unique project to document life on the USF Tampa campus through photojournalistic storytelling. You can follow this project by clicking on our Two Days in the Life of USF category. Students in the JOU 2100 course are spreading out all over the campus Monday and Tuesday to give readers an idea of what it means to be a USF student, in all its glory, frustration, anxiety, excitement and Bulls spirit.

Bulls statue in front of USF Marshall Student Center

Photo from USF Marshall Student Center photostream,

USF wants smoking ban, Obama & Hu, suing health care reform — Wednesday, Jan. 19

Today’s headlines:

  • USF plans on banning smoking on campus, following the lead of two other Florida universities (Oracle)
  • Obama meets with Chinese leader Hu Jintao amid trade, monetary and human rights issues (NYT)
  • 49ers sign Jim Leavitt (St. Petersburg Times)
  • More states join Florida’s lawsuit against health-care reform, bringing total to 26 (St. Petersburg Times)
  • Comcast-NBC merger could help nonprofit news organizations (
  • U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman will retire (problem for Democrats) (AP)
  • U.S. Sen. Kent Conrad will retire (creating an even bigger problem for Democrats) (AP)
  • U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida will run for re-election (TBO)
  • Why am I not surprised at what the Alabama gov said?

Afternoon journalism links

The best stuff about media, news, journalists and pop culture tidbits today:

  • 6 Web Pioneers on What the Internet of the Future Will Look like — Mashable
  • Tucson shooting suspect’s friend says he “did not watch TV … disliked the news.” — TV Newser
  • First porno, now pirated content sites big on interwebs. — Cnet
  • I guess I picked the wrong time to get out of political consulting. — Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire
  • All news media will be personalized in 3-5 years, Facebook says. — ReadWriteWeb

Hello USF journalists!

Welcome to our class blog. This is where you will be publishing stories on your campus beat. If you haven’t already signed up for a WordPress account (you should have in MMC 2100) you need to get one to participate on this blog.

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