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Two Days in the Life of USF

Riding the Bull Runner

After lunch time for some of the USF Bulls means riding one of the six Bull Runner bus routes available for students, faculty and staff. According to frequent bus rider Isaac Taylor, Bus C (seen above) is the busiest bus. “I take the C bus Monday through Friday,” Taylor said. “It’s definitely the busiest because I always have to stand when I get on, unlike the other buses where I can always get a seat.”

This year, the USF Parking and Transportation Services has added a new bus route called route F. This bus route accommodates students who live off campus along North 50th street with a free ride in between classes.

Along with a new bus route, USF has also recently implemented a tracking device for all buses called “BullTracker” that enables students, faculty, and staff to view a live bus map and estimated arrival times in order to provide convenience for all riders. The BullTracker is available online or as a mobile application.


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