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Scallywag deemed ineligible by USA Ultimate

The Scallywags have hit a speedbump on the road to  regionals. One of the veteran players was deemed ineligible to play by USA Ultimate. Jakob Hart, a senior at USF, was at happy hour when he got the news.

“Happy hour turned to sad hour with the click of a button,” Hart said. “It was completely random and at first I thought it might be a mistake.”

When the Scallywags signed up for sectionals, USA Ultimate screened all of their player’s eligibility. Hart was apparently ineligible all season. The rules state that each college player is only allotted five years of eligibility to play. The issue occurred in 2005. Hart had played in a single sanctioned tournament and had no idea it would affect his eligibility. From there the news just got worse for the Scallywags. On top of losing Hart for sectionals, every game that he had participated in all season was to be erased from USF’s record. After all was said and done, the USF Scallywags were left with a 0-0 record and no Jakob Hart.

“Upset doesn’t even begin to cover it,” senior captain Seth Richards said. “All of our hard work all season was gone in a second.”

Despite the odds against them, the Scallywags not only intend to compete in the USA Ultimate Conference, but intend to win it.

“We could easily let this get us down,” sophomore captain Stephen Ieardi said. “But we aren’t quitters, and we aren’t giving up without a fight.”

With sectionals just around the corner, the Scallywags continue to condition and prepare for the upcoming tournament. If the boys do well there they could move on to, something that has never been accomplished by the team.


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