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Sara Nevins leads the stampede into Big East

Freshman pitcher Sara Nevins at the Syracuse game where she was key to the Bulls' victory. Photo: USF

During the sweep of Syracuse, freshman Sara Nevins dominated the circle when appearing in all three games.

Nevins pitched 14.1 innings, earning two victories and a save. She is now 9-5 and faced some of the best teams with the best pitchers in the college game. This weekend she defeated a Canadian Olympian in Jenna Caira.

“That’s why she was recruited: to come here and make a difference, said Coach Ken Eriksen. “[Syracuse] was the number one team in the conference the past year and a half. She stymied their bats.”

Nevins struck out 24 of the 43 batters faced and gave up only two walks. Nevins should be announced as one of the Big East players of the week and may receive national attention after this weekend’s performance.

This is nothing new for Sara. In her collegiate career, she has now posted 132 strikeouts with only 14 walks. The stats were concluded after Sunday’s finale when she pitched a no-hitter into the seventh before giving up the hit during her complete game shutout.

When asked about giving up that one hit: “I’m not going to say I don’t mind, but I’ll get them next time,” Nevins said.

Nevins changed up her pitching motion after tournament play this season. She would occasionally lift her foot off the rubber causing an illegal pitch to be called. Monica Triner, the USF pitching coach, has worked with her to change her footing.

“I had to change some things up and take some speed off,” Nevins said. “I was kind of scared at first but it all worked out even better.”

USF has a six-freshmen starting lineup and with Nevins in the circle planned to be Big East contenders in a couple of seasons, but they could be ready this year.


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