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USF men’s ultimate frisbee team finishes just out of contention in tournament

Jesse Goldsmith defeats his opponent by grabbing the disc as he jumps through the air and scores against the University of Miami. Photo by: Crystal Huber

The University of South Florida Scallywags trained all year for their final tournament. The USA Ultimate College Conference or sectionals tournament was a two day fight to the finish held April 16-17 at Citizen’s Field in Gainesville.

USF was one of six teams playing for a spot in the top three, which would earn them a ticket to regionals. The Scallywags’ numbers may have been low, but their morale was higher than ever.

Play started at 9 a.m. Saturday with an easy win over Florida Atlantic University. 15-6

Their second game against Florida State University was the closest and hardest game the boys had played all year. FSU came out strong, putting up six scores over USF’s four. The Scallywags fought back and took halftime, 8-6. After halftime, FSU relentlessly took the lead to 12-10. With a game having to go to 14, USF brought it to game point at 13-12. FSU scored, tying it up. USF took a timeout.

“I’ve never felt so much intensity from this team,” senior Eddie Moore said during the timeout. “Failure is not an option boys, lets go!”

With that, the Scallywags persevered through a ten minute point and took the game, 14-13.

The third game against reigning champions the University of Florida ended with a loss, 13-5.

The UF game left the boys exhausted allowing the University of Miami to steal USF’s final game, 15-10.

“Sunday is everything,” sophomore Kevin Hall said. “It’s either play hard or go home.”

The Scallywags took UM by storm Sunday morning, avenging their loss, 11-9.

USF chose to conserve their energy for their game against the second seeded University of Central Florida. UCF won it, 15-6.

The fight for the third spot to regionals was just that, a fight. The Scallywags pushed as hard as they could, but between their depleted numbers and energy there just wasn’t enough. FSU nabbed third place, 15-7.

“It was a long, rough season for us. We fought through despite all of the things piled against us (numbers, injuries, ect.),” captain Stephen Ierardi said. “At the end of the day, I love this team and am proud of what we’ve accomplished.”

SeniorEddie Moore dodges his defender as he prepares to throw it to his teammate. Photo by: Crystal Huber

The Scallywags took fourth place and walked off the field with their heads held high.


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