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Statement of Principles
Comments Policy

As journalists, we support the free and open marketplace of ideas, and one way we provide this is through allowing readers to comment on our news stories. We articulate the following principles for our comments section in The Digital Bullpen, which our users agree to adopt as a function of using our site:

  • We do not moderate, censor or otherwise edit commentary from our readers based solely on the ideas articulated. We believe that the cure for bad speech is more speech, not less speech.
  • Users of DigitalBullpen.com acknowledge that the site has no responsibility to moderate or otherwise screen, in advance or after the fact of publication, the vast number of comments such news sites typically generate. The DigitalBullpen.com does not assume responsibility, by its action or inaction, for any user content posted on this site.
  • Users of the site DigitalBullpen.com agree to abide by the following in posting comments:
    1. Your comments will be civil and respectful of other users of the comments section.
    2. Your comments will not contain profanity, obscenity, threats, abusive language or false and defamatory information.
    3. DigitalBullpen.com may remove or edit comments that violate any of our terms without notice.

If you believe user content has violated these principles, please contact Editor Wayne Garcia at [email protected].


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