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Enter the Bronies

There have always been an assortment of social groups for students to associate themselves with, such as jocks, emo kids, goths, stoners and more. Now you can add one more to the list: Bronies.

Bronies are the male 20-something fans of the television show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. They are unashamed of their unabashed love for the show and the memes they create. Their presence online has increased to the point that the popular website 4chan dedicated an entire board to the show.

“For me, I grew up with the shows of the creator, Lauren Faust, who made the Powerpuff Girls,” said Patrick Klein, a student at St. Petersburg College. “That show was supposed to be a very girl power type of show, but boys couldn’t help but like it too. Be it pop culture, witty dialog or that it was just not afraid to treat kids as adults, that’s what made the show amazing and its all transitioned to My Little Pony.”

USF senior Liza Pasha interacts with bronies daily and describes them as very friendly and some of the most creative people she’s encountered. Pasha said that a perfect example of the talent and sincerity of bronies is Equestria Daily, a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan site.

“The community and fans are hilarious. Half the fun is seeing what people are going to poke fun at or notice about the show,” said Matt Papayanopulos, a student at the University of Delaware. “The characters on the show actually develop and go through character arcs, and the animation is fantastic.”

Micheal Malakoff, a USF student and proud brony, said that he likes the show because its diverseness. Pop culture in general is more male centric and everyone is overloaded with testosterone. My Little Pony is an avenue for a little estrogen said Malakoff.

“I’m a fire spinner, I do stage combat, an avid tattoo enthusiast, a nerd in general and I’m a proud brony,” Klein said. “If I identify with anything from the show it’s acceptance, something I’ve not had a lot of in my life, but with bronies you’re accepted no matter what. It’s a great show with great messages for kids, which is something this new generation needs and I will always extend my hand or hoof to anyone who needs that kind of message.”


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