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Day in the life: Looking out over Martin Luther King Jr. Plaza

The statue of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stands at his exact height in the Martin Luther King Jr. Plaza. Every day he stares out at the reflection pond as students, faculty, staff and guests pass through the campus. The fountains noise is soothing to students as they bring their laptops and books out to the benches to pass time between classes. At the end of the pond, one of his famous speeches is engraved into stone.

(Photo taken on Apr. 23 at 12:16 p.m. by Sara O’Connell)


2 Responses to “Day in the life: Looking out over Martin Luther King Jr. Plaza”

  1. In ” optimal theory ” MLK,jr. seems like someone who is ” honorable ” but in reality he is heavily tainted with : Marxist associates,marriage infidelity on a ” grand scale ” and plagarism of his doctoral thesis during his studies (?) at Boston University; he is badly ” tarnished ” both politically, morally and ethically. The only good thing was that he was not violent; otherwise he talked the talk but not walk the walk.

    Posted by Michigan Patriot | April 23, 2012, 2:21 pm
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