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News Roundup

All the news that’s fit for Bulls – March 7 edition

Airports are not having a good week. Last week a man drove his Jeep onto the tarmac, today a blogger posted a video showing how to get anything through the TSA scanners undetected. That story and more in today’s roundup:

Blogger exposes vulnerability in TSA body scanners.

Mitt takes Ohio but fails to shake off Santorum. Meanwhile, a Georgia win keeps Newt in the race.

Woman suing her school after being stuck with roommate who has too much sex.

Beards get respect, but not ladies.

An unusual school shooting: Jacksonville teacher shoots principal, then self.

The new Apple ipad is set to launch today. Here’s what you should expect.

Are you a slut? This flowchart can help you find out.

Why you should make sure you aren’t friends with someone before taking a picture and insulting them on Facebook.

Looking for new music? Some of the most anticipated new music albums.

Netflix: Coming to a cable box near you?


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