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All the news that’s fit for Bulls – March 8 edition

Unless you’ve sworn off all forms of internet and social media for the past few days, you’ve probably seen #kony2012 or #stopkony in your feed. Still not sure what it’s all about? We’ve got you covered. That story and more in today’s roundup:

Internet campaign aims to bring Ugandan warlord’s crimes to light.

The new iPad (yep, they stopped the numbering) is pretty much what everyone expected.

Scientists aren’t so sure the color pink exists. My Little Pony fanatics, however, are.

Everyone roll down your windows and shake your fist at the moon tonight because IT sunk the Titanic.

Why the gym won’t make you thin.

What is it about Chuck E. Cheese that makes it the perfect breeding ground for an all out family brawl? A Chuck E. Cheese expert weighs in.

Five American things the Brits secretly envy. Strangely, teeth is not among them.

Haters are hating at record numbers, new report says.

If you didn’t have enough reasons to be glad you’re out of grade school, add this one to the list: Government buying 7 million pounds of “pink slime” for school lunches.

Oh, a massive solar storm is on it’s way.


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