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All the news that’s fit for Bulls – March 6 edition

Well, it’s Super Tuesday. So, what better excuse to take a look at some crazy-accurate doppelgängers for the big names in this years election. That and more in today’s roundup:

Casting the 2012 election. You thought Tina Fey’s impersonation was good? Check these out.

Much to Joe Biden’s chagrin, Latin America may be well on its way to legalizing Marijuana.

A high-end madam is busted for running a brothel out of an upper East side apartment building. The kicker? She’s a suburban mom with four children.

We only wish this was a joke: Tim Tebow is being courted to star in “The Bachelor.”

Wait a minute, you can sue for that? Michigan man sues AMC over high popcorn prices.

#Soda or #pop? Twitter helps analyze regional language quirks.

The upside to being hacked.

Egyptian lawmaker forced to resign after claiming he was badly beaten by masked gunmen. Really, he just wanted a nose job.

Why journalists should stop hating and embrace Instagram.

He can rock a pair of orthopedic shoes like no other, but is Ron Paul a style maven?


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