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Tension rises as USF’s NAACP looks to the future

Photo by: NAACP website

The University of South Florida did not have a NAACP chapter on campus for three years period until the current president, Jacob Jackson, decided to bring it back last year. The organization has had a hard time attaining active statues and staying in alignment with the parent chapter, the NAACP of Tampa.

Najja Jackson, a junior, said. “It’s scary to think that this organization might not be here next year.”

Despite these challenges, The NAACP of USF has gained a strong following amongst students and is beginning to have an emerging presence on campus.
However, during the March 29th general body meeting a new problem was discovered. Most of the candidates running for a leadership position that day did not even attend the meeting. Jackson, who will be graduating at the end of the semester, fears for the fate of the organization.

Jackson stressed the importance of having serious leadership during the meeting. He also stressed that there are specific qualifications that need to be met in order to have the NAACP represented at the university. He does not want to see his hard work and dedication go to waste due to the fact that there are few that are willing to take his place.

The tension in the room was noticeable after the meeting ended; however, Jackson hoped that his message urged members to take a greater interest in the organization.

The hands of the student membership can only revive the future of the NAACP.


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